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Monday, December 5, 2011

Le Express ~ Bistro and Bar, Poughkeepsie ~ Red Oaks Mill

Tasting Notes ~ Hudson Valley
Le'Express Bistro and Bar
1820 New Hackensack Rd. (Rte 376)
Poughkeepsie, NY 12603
Phn - 845.849.3565

Open for Dinner ~ 7 Days
Lunch ~ Monday through Friday

Update - We revisited Le Express on July 12,2012. Read that review here. 

We have a new bistro in town.  John Lekic, the General Manager at Sapore Steakhouse in Fishkill, opened Le Express last month with his partner Roni Lala. The restaurant is in the space that was formerly occupied by Union Jack.  We had a few nudges to give the place a try, and Mary and I stopped in last night for dinner.  The interior has been completely revamped.  The old Union Jack space used to be divided into two smallish dining rooms. That entire space has been opened up into one large very nicely furnished dining room, and the bar has been relocated to the left hand wall as you enter.  A small lounge area in front of the bar adds a little seating for those who are waiting for a table (and I predict that there will indeed be people waiting for a table). We very much liked what we found.
If you go searching for Le'Express on the internet, you may have trouble finding any info.  The odd spelling is apparently an attempt to avoid a conflict with L'Express in New York City.  The resulting incorrect spelling confuses Google and Bing and Yahoo, all of which convert the Le'Express query to L'Express, with no local results. I'm sure that there is a lawyer somewhere to blame for this. (Please no emails from lawyers. You know I'm right) There is no website up yet, but there is a Facebook page (with no menu). Early adopters will just have to rely on Rambler and a compass.

Chef Mark Rosenberg's menu focuses on classic French bistro fare - escargot ($7) , moules frites ($13), beef bouruignon ($19), duck confit ($16) - along with some grass fed burgers, sliders and variations on an American bistro theme ~ macaroni au gratin ($14), chicken wings ( $9, with goat cheese and rosemary chili sauce).  
We had dinner at the bar with our new favorite bartender Kate.  Mary tried the half roast chicken ($18), which was plated with seasonal brussel sprouts and red bliss potatoes.  I opted for the beef bouruignon.  The dish consisted of what seemed like the better part of a pound of braised chuck roast, surrounded by mushrooms quarters, tender sliced carrots and braised potatoes. It was fabulous and way too much for one person.  We ordered a bottle of 09 Marziano Abbano Rinaldi Barbera D'Alba to go along with it.  The wine list is still a work in progress but the current offerings offer a nice selection and the bottles are reasonably marked up in the 2 /1 range.  I like where they are heading with it (but they need one or two Beaujolais choices;-).  
Le'Express is technically in a soft opening period and they may think they are not yet ready for prime time, but I think there is no reason to wait for them to work out the kinks. You learn by doing. I am really anxious to see how the community reacts to this newcomer. Le Express has the potential to become a new favorite haunt.  If you enjoy bistro fare, you should go give them a try.

If you do stop in please let our other readers know about your visit in the comments section.
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Rosanne Boguski said...

Wonderful food and service. My family and I highly recommend it!

Anonymous said...

We made the right choice tonight going to Le Express Bistro. The food was excellant. The tomato bisque and chicken liver pate appetizers to the main course, Croque Madame, Steak au Poivre and the mussels, and last but not least, the desserts were all delicious. Highly recommend for a wonderful night of dining.

Ray / said...

My Husband and I visited Le'Express last night and enjoyed everything we tried. The atmosphere is wonderful as well. It's great to have this bistro close to our home but well worth the trip for others. Staff was was very accomodating and friendly. We look forward to returning!

Anonymous said...

My husband and I stopped by by chance - we were just curious to see if there was a new restaurant at this location after the other restaurant closed.....anyway, we were very pleasantly surprised and so happy a place like this opened so close to home. Great wine & food and nice atmosphere & Kate was such a pleasure. Plan to go more often!